This blog is really preaching to me. If you get something out of it, that is awesome! Many leaders are good at all kinds of things. This can lead to a fallacy that leaders must be good at everything in order to be great leaders. It is easy to try to slide by in your strength areas and work like crazy to bring those weak areas up to snuff. What happens is that you end up not being a great leader, but an average person trying to do way too many things. Bring someone into your team that can excel in the areas that are your greatest weaknesses. This will leave you to be able to excel in the areas in which you are strongest! Build on those strengths in order to become a great leader! If you are a detail person, you might need a big picture person to come along side of you to help you see the forest while you are concentrated so hard on the sliver of bark on one particular tree. In reverse, you might be the big picture person who needs a bit of reality when your detail oriented accountant says, “That is an awesome idea! How do we plan to fund it?” Free yourself up to be great by bringing into your team those who are incredibly gifted at the things that you really aren’t so good at!


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