Ok, the title is a lie! There is no network, no social media, no outlet that will get your message out to everyone on the planet.


You can reach everyone who matters! You can reach your tribe. You can reach the people who care.

I will use myself as an example. When someone buys a copy of I Choose YOU!, I make about 33 cents. In order to be an average South Carolinian, I would need to sell around 120,000 a year. While that isn’t likely to happen, here is what can happen. You buy one, if for no other reason than you like this blog and you want to support it. You trust my advice. (Hopefully).

On my end, I need to write a few more books….ok, a lot more. IF I reach people who like what I write, and I wrote 10 books, and those people loved buying every book I write, then I would only need to sell 12,000 of each book. I won’t bore you with math, but as the number of products move up, the need for more people moves down.

Having a few thousand people who are sold out fans is much better than having millions of “followers” who never buy your t-shirt, cd, movie, book, song download, etc. You are looking for the people who want to travel to hear you. The people who would wait in line to buy your new release.

When you find those people, engage them! Reach out to them! Those people are worth a lot over a lifetime! Not just monetarily, but in experience. Those people will help you push on to be even more than you are now. When people who have read I Choose YOU! share with me how it has inspired them, it encourages me to want to write more!

Who is the audience that you want to reach? What does that person need? How can you help them? When you answer those questions, you can begin figuring out who should be in the tribe that you will lead. And maybe, you will lead a tribe well enough to make it your career and be able to quit your day job! (Unless of course you love your day job like me…then you might still want to cut back a little on the hours you work it.)


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