Since it is almost New Year’s Eve, many of us think about things we want to change in our lives. There is a difference between just making a wish as a resolution and setting a goal. In life, we have an option each day to make the day better or worse by our actions. We make choices all the time. Some of those choices take us toward where we want to be, and others remove us farther from where we hope to be. That said, if we don’t have a goal, then it doesn’t matter what direction we are going in. (Somewhat paraphrasing the Cheshire cat.) When we make goals and write them down, it encourages us to stay on the path toward that goal. Like the difference between just going for a walk and walking to the store. One has a destination, the other doesn’t. Many people live their lives in a destination free manner. Make sure your goals are specific. For example, “I want to get out of debt” isn’t a goal, it is a wish. A goal would be:

1. Plan out my budget so that I can pay off $100 extra on my smallest debt each month. It will be paid off in 5 months.

2. Repeat step one until debt free.

If you are an author, you might say, “I want to publish a novel”…that is just a wish. A goal would be:

1. I am going to write for 1 hour a day. It doesn’t matter what you write, just so long as you are working toward the goal.

As a blogger, I have a goal to write at least one post a day. Some days I fail…but the next day, I can get up and continue with the goal. Good luck setting your goals. The other great thing about setting goals is that when you achieve them…it feels good!
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