Before you figure out what you need to do to make your dreams come true, you might want to first figure out who you want to make that journey with you. If you are going to take on a big scary dream, it is great to have an awesome crew to help get you there! Most people who are very successful leaders are also long term married to the same person. They have learned about doing life with another person. We all need community to thrive. In making a dream come true, it also helps to have that community. In fact, I would argue that it is more important that you choose the team you are going to work with carefully than that you pick the right anything else in respect to your dream. So who do you pick?

  • Pick people that inspire you to be a better you.
  • Pick people who are strong where you are weak.
  • Pick people who are brilliant in their area of expertise and are able to build up other people with them.
  • Pick people who believe in your dream as much as you do!
  • Pick people you like working with.

When you have the dream team put together, making the dream come true is much easier! I didn’t say easy, but it is much easier than doing it alone or with a team of people who don’t really want to work together.

This leads to the tough thing. Sometimes we need to ask people  to leave the team! Sometimes it is better to part ways than to try to continue with a dysfunctional team. Making sure that your team is enjoying itself is a great part of being a leader. It doesn’t mean that everything has to be fun. It just means that the team needs to work well together. When the team works together well and is working as a unit toward the common goal, then great success will occur!


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