The opposite of great isn’t lousy. The opposite of great is “good enough”.

I don’t remember who first said that, but there is a lot of truth in that statement. When you want to be great, you have to be willing to do things that the person who is good enough isn’t doing. In sports, in business, in churches, in educational institutions, this is true.

Becoming the greatest in any field isn’t easy. There have been countless movies about the struggle to become the best. One of my favorites is the Rocky series. Rocky wins because he trains hard. He works through the beating he takes in the early rounds and then the endurance he trained for wins out. It isn’t easy, but he ends up on top.

In business, Bill Gates was always paranoid of some some teenager working 22 hours a day in his garage coming up with the silver bullet that was going to wipe Microsoft off the map. This fear kept him focused. It kept him working hard even when his company seemed to have a virtual monopoly.

In the church world, I haven’t met a pastor yet who says, “My church is too big. I think I will quit spreading the gospel to my community. ” “Great” might have a different measuring stick in the world of religion, but in order to be on top, one must still work for it. Jesus told his disciples that in order to be great they must become servants of all. Being a great servant is hard work!

In education, Harvard didn’t become one of the most well known names in the world for higher education overnight. It took centuries of hard work. It took deciding not to grow exponentially when they had the chance. (Harvard only has about 6-7,000 students. It could accept many, many more but that might water down the brand.)

In order for YOU to be great, YOU have to put in the hard work to push beyond “good enough”. Are you motivated to do that work?


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