If you are in the creative side of things –Painting, writing music, blogging, writing books or articles, singing, playing an instrument etc. There are people who will rank you. The institution was all abuzz recently because we were ranked #1 in one category. People like it when they are #1. It is so easy to get caught up though in fighting to fit the matrix used to figure out that #1 spot. Some people or organizations will even change the way they do things to try to move up in the rankings. You might be addicted to checking what rank your book is on amazon, or what rank your website is on alexa, or how many Facebook friends or Twitter followers you have. Why do I know? Because I have been guilty of it. It isn’t all bad to get feedback on how you are doing, but if you start basing your self worth on the number next to your name, there is a problem!

If you cringed at that last line and thought, “that is me” then you might need to cold turkey quit looking at the numbers. In the end, the numbers don’t tell you much about your work. The demographic sales information can be valuable, so can some of the other numbers, but don’t let them equate value.

Reach out to each customer, interact with each client as if you were the top in your field. Make them your priority. Do your very best work. Be YOU! The numbers will come. Consistently being great at what you do and treating each person you come across as if they were the most important person in the world will make you and your organization great!

FYI, to completely contradict myself – If you are ranking the bottom of your industry in customer service or quality of product…you might want to find a new line of work or start working hard to change it.


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