Thanks for making this month another great one for!  I love the growing interaction and sense of community as many of you are returning to comment and interact with me and with each other. We are beginning to see more guest post requests come in. I am happy to post your thoughts as long as they fall within the criterion of helping people do the work it takes to start making their dreams come true and  never embarrassing anyone reading this blog when their boss, wife or child is looking at the screen with them.

The top posts of March 2012 were:

  1. Start Kicking The Box Over The Hill
  2. Start By Heading Into The Fire
  3. Start Doing What YOU Say You Will Do
  4. Understanding Your Limits
  5. When We Start Giving Awards

Tied for #5, but one of my favorites from this month was:

5. Starting Education Revolutions

I also want to thank my top commenters for this month! (I don’t count myself or people just spam marketing their site.)

  1. Deeone Higgs
  2. Andrew Maulding
  3. Farouk Radwan
  4. MelisaSource
  5. Akos Fintor

I hope you will check out their sites and give them a comment or two as well! Have a great April!




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