While it is no secret that we need money to survive in today’s world. It is rough going without any, but the old saying is that “Money isn’t everything”. Sometimes that is said by good hearted people who are trying to console someone in a low paying job that they feel stuck in.

In truth though, not every passion can be monetized. The non-profit, church, charity that you love may consume your passion in life, yet not be able to pay you anything or at least not much in monetary compensation.

Sometimes, we just do things because we love them whether we get paid or not. The few lucky of us can turn something that we love into something that pays the bills as well!

Please don’t neglect your passions just because they don’t make you a lot of money. They give you something much more important! That feeling of worth is irreplaceable!

Money isn’t everything. It is important, but don’t let it make you sell out just to make more of it.


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