Everyone is looking for the step by step map to success. The problem is that there isn’t one sure way to get where you want to go. The reason is what you learned way back in Kindergarten. There is only one you. You are unique and all that stuff. Trite it seems, but it is true. Only you can be the very best you that you can be! Now that it is settled that it is up to YOU to be the best version of you, then we need to get to work!

We all want that map. If there were one, it would be easy. It would tell us all those key decisions to make. What elementary school to go to, what zip code to live in, who we need to meet and when we need to meet them. When we quit looking for the perfect plan and start working to make our dream become our plan, that is when things start to happen! People out there want a leader. People want to follow the plan. If YOU can be the person to put the dream out there and unite other people with the same dream or a similar one, then you will have your own dream come to life!

Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t get thousands of people on the Mall in D.C. because he was the best orator. It wasn’t because he had the best publicity campaign. He wasn’t the only one who saw the problems of oppression in the world. He didn’t have a 10 year plan for civil rights. What he had was a dream! It wasn’t just his dream. It was the dream of many other people. What he did was unite that group of people and give them a symbol. He didn’t have a drawn out map for success…he had a dream and he worked to make it become a reality!

When the Wright brothers set out to invent a flying machine, they didn’t have great funding. They didn’t have corporate backers, unless you count their own bicycle shop. What they had was a dream of what could be. The people who worked with them were people who shared their dream. It definitely wasn’t for the money! They failed often! Reports say that they took enough  parts to rebuild the flying machine up to five times each time they took it out to attempt flight. That was because they wrecked it so many times. Through it all they had a dream! Now, we fly around the world with hardly a thought as to the technology that makes the plane stay in the air.

I want to end  with a Biblical example: Hebrews 11:1 says that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” When we have faith in God, all things are possible. Dream big! Let that be your map to success!



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