Most people have at least one great idea! Some people have more. The thing that truly separates those who are successful from those who also had an idea is that the successful one did something! They took a leap and started working on their dream!  They decided that though it was risky, they were going to give it a go. An artist hangs his work up somewhere. It is scary! People might not like it. What if they hate it? Either way, he has more of a chance of people seeing it when he puts it out there than when it sat in his studio. The author who has piles of manuscripts in his study must take the risk and send it to a publisher…or even more risky, self publish it! (FYI, in amazon’s top ten e-books this year, two of the titles were self published!)  If you want that great job, you improve your chances of getting it exponentially by sending a resume and filling out the application!  Get out there and start making your dream a reality instead of just thinking about it! If you don’t produce something that you can show off that brings your idea to the world, than it is wasted! Take that risk! Oh, and if I can help, let me know! Take a first step and comment about your great idea right here!


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