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Education is a crazy business! It is supposed to be about helping people achieve their dreams! It is supposed to be about helping them become all that they can be! We should be helping them learn to think for themselves! We need to encourage their creativity! We need to inspire young artists to be better than they ever imagined!

It is unfortunate that the current state of education more closely resembles the education system formed by the industrial revolution. It is more about control, order and compliance than about inspiring greatness. I am an educator, thus part of the problem. I am challenging all parents, students and educators to demand more from ourselves first! We can’t expect others to change things, we must start our own revolution and as Ghandi said, be the change that we want to see in the world.

To do this, there isn’t a paved road with clear signs along the way. Some of us will fail! Some will be stopped by administrators who don’t get it. My challenge is to keep inspiring our future leaders to follow their gifts and passions! Inspire the artists to create! Be there for their questions, guide them when they are lost in their endeavors.

Let us create an environment where grades are not the reason students study, but because they care about the material or at least us, enough to not just slide by but do everything in their power to not just learn the material but completely dominate it! As a language teacher I have learned one thing. It is impossible to teach a language, it can only be acquired. I believe that is true of most if not all disciplines. When a student has a passion to learn something, they will master it! Let us work to find the students who want to master what we have to teach, and help those who have passions for other things find mentors who can inspire them too!

As I have told my students, “I don’t ask for much, just go and change the world.”


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