When you choose yourself, you must be willing to fail! Yes fail, and fail miserably! I am sure as you read this you are wondering what kind of crazy encouragement this is supposed to be.  I must tell you that in order to do anything; you must first be willing to fall flat on your face in failure! To give an example; Last year, I put together a conference for pastors. It was a great idea, had a website, some promotional material, then something came up in my life that was simply much more important and I didn’t make the time needed to promote the conference as I had originally intended. Needless to say, without promotion, even the best idea founders. I had a few people sign up who stumbled across the website, but not enough to make it really happen…it was an epic fail. Did I stop? Of course not.

This year, as president of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (SCAATSP), I put together a successful inaugural fall workshop.  We must be willing to fail and overcome that failure when we experience it if we are to ever have true triumphant success!

(Excerpt from the book I Choose YOU!)


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