One of my friends has a blog that has managed to hit in the top 4 million or so websites in the Alexa Rankings. That is a great step! The odd thing is that his blog, unlike most of the sites in the top 5 million, has absolutely no focus! It is well designed, but sporadic and all over the map when it comes to content. What he does have is a great ability to build relationships with people…people like him. That quality alone has gotten him to the level he is at. (I believe that if he would focus, he could hit top 1 million easily, but that is beside the point.) Start with great relationships, and you never know where your dreams can take you! Even if you haven’t figured out exactly what your dream is!


12 Responses to Start with a relationship!

  1. Deeone says:

    Nice, short, powerful, and oh so true!!

    • Burlw says:

      Thanks Deeone! I always loved the expression “Dynamite comes in small packages.” Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You always are so very encouraging it makes my day better!

  2. Hiten Vyas says:

    You are right Burl. It is so about relationships. This is even more important in the online world when it comes to growing our blogs, increasing readership, and marketing and launching online based products and services.

  3. Burlw says:

    Thanks for the confirmation Hiten! And thank you for helping build relationship here with!

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