In the Hebrew scriptures/Old Testament of the Bible, there is a story of the Hebrews being surrounded by the Aramean army. The city is under siege and those within the walls are starving to death. Four very unlikely heroes do something quite radical.

Four Lepers!

While in today’s world leprosy can be cured for a relatively low cost treatment, in the time in which this history was written down, it was a death sentence. Lepers in those days were outcasts living out on the edge of the city. Knowing that the city was surrounded these four lepers say to each other.

-If we stay here, WE DIE.

– If we go into the city, WE DIE.

-If we go out to the Aramean army and ask for mercy, maybe they let us live. If not, they will kill us and WE DIE.

With those three options thought through, the four started shuffling toward the encampment of the opposing army.

When they got there, the army has just fled in fear. The four lepers eat, drink, carry off some treasure from the abandoned camp and then go back and tell the city what they have found…they save the day!

When in life you feel like you aren’t up for the task ahead of you. Take a look at these four lepers. They were the lowest of the low in society, yet they saved their city! They did something that seemed a little crazy, maybe a little desperate, but they were exactly what was needed for the people that day! Don’t be afraid to do something radical!

(If you would like to read the whole story of the 4 lepers and all that happened that day, it is found in the book of 2 Kings Chapter 7 in the bible.)


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