What do you want your tombstone to say about you? This might be a morbid idea for some, but at some point most of us think about what people will say about us once we are gone. The truth is that once we are dead, there is absolutely nothing we can to to change the world’s impression of us. We must get busy in this lifetime being the person that we want others to remember. Will I be remembered as stingy and selfish or as a giving, caring person?  I have a friend named Joseph who is still very much alive, but years ago, he lived in a mobile home that caught on fire. It burned to the ground along with everything he owned. He didn’t own much, but it was his whole life….so he thought. Joseph was the kind of guy who would give til it hurt. If he knew a neighbor, friend or even complete stranger was in need of something that he had, he would freely give it to them. He often had people staying with him that needed a little help to get by. When the fire came and went, he found a new place to live, but the furnishings for his new place were made up almost entirely of things that he had given away to people…and in his time of need, they gave the items back to him. While he is a comfortable middle aged man now running a bed and breakfast in the Ozark mountains on a beautiful 36 acre ranch, he still is known to all his friends and acquaintances as a very giving person. Are these the kind of stories that people will tell about you? If not, you are still living and have time to change your patterns in living to reflect what you want to be remembered for. What do you want people to say about you…both now and when you are gone?


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