Have you ever noticed how the people who make the most money in the stock market aren’t the people investing in 401(k), 403(b) , IRA’s or mutual funds. It isn’t he people who purchase individual stocks or even participate in the IPO! The people who make the most money are those who invest before the IPO! Who are these people and why do they invest?

When people invest in a company before it is public, chances are that they are not investing in a product or a service. They are investing in the people that run the company. They believe in the owner/CEO/Board of Directors and believe that that company will be profitable. That is why they are willing to lay out rather large sums of money for very little guarantee on paper! They are investing in people.

There are other ways to invest in people too and they all pay great dividends in the end!

  • When you teach a kid to ride a bike or read, you have made the world a better place even if only for that child.
  • When you give someone a job who needs it, you have invested in them by showing them that you believe in them and trust them. In return you might gain your most valuable employee!
  • When you help a friend move, they never forget you!
  • When you give a student a scholarship, you have invested in the rest of their life! I still remember a guy who gave me a $50.oo scholarship to “help buy a book or something” and that was 20+ years ago!
  • When you take the time to share your skills with someone who wants to learn them, it could change the outcome of their life and you might just gain a great partner!
  • Like the original example: you can invest in the business start up of a friend or a friend’s business that needs money for expansion when you are there for them in their time of need, when the business takes off, it will treat you well in return!

Start investing in people and see how your life is better! (It might even make you rich!)

What investments in people are you making?


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