When you started your new job, everything was new and fresh. Maybe you shook things up a little. You had a huge learning curve! You tried new things and maybe you took that position in directions that the previous person with the job did not. What happened? After a little time in a position it is easy to get comfortable and keep doing what we have been doing. Just because it worked in the past doesn’t mean that it will keep working in the future…look at your accounts, it might not be working now!

Find a fresh idea! Just because someone who has been around a while tells you that it is impossible doesn’t mean that it actually is impossible! Maybe, it just hasn’t been tried before. It is so easy to rely on the tried and true that got us to where we are now. The hard part is abandoning that tried and true in order to give something brand new a try! Do one thing today that you have never done before! See if it opens up some new ideas for you.

** My thing that I did out of the ordinary today was to go look at some pieces of property that were for sale. I am not planning to move, but just driving into new neighborhoods and checking out the houses gave me not only the idea for this blog but also some landscaping ideas for my own home.**


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