I hope that as you read startstuff.net that you are encouraged to dream big! It is part of what keeps us going in life. We all have dreams! One of mine is to write a best seller. As you can see from the sidebar on the blog, I have two books out there. One has sold a total of 28 copies now. Before you laugh, the free download version of it was downloaded a couple thousand times. The other one has sold a whopping 4 copies! So, am I well on my way? Probably not yet, but I am enjoying writing. I like it just like I enjoy writing this blog. The dream is there, but just dreaming doesn’t help the dream come true. It takes work. Part of making my dream come true is spending time writing every day even if it is just a blog post. What are you doing to make your dream come true? Can you break it down into steps so that you can accomplish them one step at a time? How can you build your sphere of influence so that when you make the step to realize your dream there will be people there to help you who have a vested interest in seeing your dream come true? One way is to share it will the world! I have chosen blogging for that purpose because I believe that as people (you) read what I write they will decide that we share similar goals and dreams. What are you doing to help your tribe connect with you? Dream big! But don’t forget to do the work to make it come true!


2 Responses to Start dreaming big! Don’t forget to work though!

  1. click here says:

    When are you going to post again? You really entertain me!

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