Our health is so very important to being able to accomplish other goals in our lives. I have found that I deal with stress better and am generally more productive when I exercise regularly, get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet. There is no rocket science there, but for some reason it is hard to stay on top of it when we get busy with our lives. Another truth in the health category is that it is much easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape! It is always a little sad to start training again after I have taken a break. While breaks are good, when we start back it seems like we do a lot more huffing and puffing and get less done. It doesn’t matter if it is lifting weights, running, boxing, aerobics or any other form of exercise it takes a little while to get back to where we left off. So this post is for the people already exercising…don’t quit! Feel free to back off a little, but stay in the game or it will be much harder to get back to later!

Side note about breaks. Back when I was speedskating, I had decided to take some time off from training and racing. For six weeks, I was on my skates every day because I worked at a rink, but other than helping out with the beginner speed skate class, I hadn’t done any racing or training. Then one night a friend asked me to go to a speed skate meet the next day. He needed a partner for the relay. The next day, I got up early and went….and had the best day of the year time wise, and I won the meet. Rest was what I needed…please note that I was still on the skates every day though. We can back off the  hard training, but we can’t just sit on the couch and expect to get better. Most off all, don’t forget to have fun with whatever you do. It will be much easier to stick with it if you enjoy it!


4 Responses to Start by staying in shape!

  1. Hiten says:

    Hi Burl,

    I definitely agree with you. Exercise is one of the essential things, which is great when we’re constantly doing it. However, as you say, busy lives then means exercise doesn’t become important.

    Our bodies do let us know when we’ve stopped exercising. We become more stressed and tired and generally the mind can be a bit distorted. These are perfect signs to get exercising again.

  2. I keep telling myself to get back in the gym, but I lately, I have been all talk and no action. I think that I am more productive and feel better when I exercise, but it is so hard to stay constant. I go strong for a month or two then I take a break, one little break and next thing I know, its been a month since I even seen the gym.

    • Burlw says:

      William, Thanks for the comment! Maybe the gym isn’t the place for you to work out. I have found that if I have competition of any kind, that works for me, but everyone is different! Find something you love doing. For a great aerobic exercise, I love going swing/lindy dancing. Not exactly gym approved workouts, but they keep you breathing hard and work up a sweat, so I know it works to keep me in shape! Like many things in life, having an accountability partner helps too! When I just go to the gym on my own schedule, I am like you…good for a while, then hit and miss then miss all together. BUT, if I have a partner that I meet at a certain time so many days a week, then I never miss. Good luck William and thanks for stopping by startstuff.net!

  3. Burlw says:

    Very true Hiten! IF we will listen to our bodies, they will tell us amazing amounts of information on how to keep them running at maximum efficiency!

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