Have you ever noticed how when you are new somewhere you have lots of questions. Then, with time, the questions get fewer. How do you look at what you are doing with a fresh set of eyes after you have been doing it for years or decades?

  • Listen to your new employees or new members of your organization.
  • Ask a friend who isn’t part of the group you are looking at to come join in and then go to lunch to discuss what they saw.
  • Take a day and go check out the competition. How are they doing things differently? Are those things just different, or are they better?
  • Hire a consultant.
  • Break down what you do and for each stage ask “Why are we doing it this way?”. If the answer is: “Because that is the way we have always done it.” You might need to re-evaluate that step of the process.

I hope you will start asking lots of questions. It is the way we learn and the way we challenge the status quo. If you ask enough questions, you will find the right ones!


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