ICYSometimes, doing it yourself isn’t better! Most likely, you didn’t notice the change. I got rid of the link to the I Choose YOU! page here on the blog. It had some testimonials from people who had read the book and liked it. It also had an option to buy the book in a PDF format (Which in my opinion was slightly nicer than the ebook format). It had a link in it to buy from Amazon.com as well. What I noticed was that the PayPal system for buying the PDF format wasn’t being used much, and sometimes when it was, people weren’t getting linked back correctly to the download. (Not good for business!) With Amazon, they have worked out the kinks of buying books and e-books online. I don’t need to reinvent that wheel. Neither do you!

Most of the time doing it ourselves saves money…at least that is what we have learned in life. In many fields, that is true. However, sometimes, it is worth giving up part of your profit in order to save headaches and give your customers better service by hiring someone who is much better at doing that part of the job than you are! In my case, it was using Amazon instead of trying to do it myself. What is part of your job that you can get rid of by hiring someone else to do it better…and maybe even cheaper, than you can do it yourself?


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