There are a few words out there in the marketing world that make me cringe. One of those expressions is “e-mail blast”; as in, “We are going to send out an e-mail blast about…” Before you even consider sending something like that, ask yourself. ((If I don’t send it, will the people who didn’t receive it miss it and write me an e-mail asking why they didn’t get it?)) If the answer to that question is a resounding “YES!!” Then by all means, send out that e-mail. If the answer is “NO!” then you really need to consider if the e-mail you are about to send will be well received or if it will be seen as SPAM and thus damage your company’s (or your) name.

We gain that permission to send people things when they “Opt-in” to your e-mail list to receive your blog/newsletter etc. Just sending people things with an “Opt-out” is SPAM! Don’t do it! There are brands that I will now avoid because they have spammed me to death with unwanted e-mails. (Same goes for comments on a blog. If your comment is just an advertizement for your product/service/website and doesn’t have anything to do with the post, it is spam as well.)

Sorry for the rant, I was checking my e-mail with 32 new messages…with 4 of them being messages I wanted, that is after my spam blocker took out countless e-mails. Then I checked the comments on this blog a minute ago and out of 28 comments, 2 were not spam. Hope you have an awesome day!


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