I had mentioned earlier in a post that my friend Robert and I were starting up a new swing dance scene in Greenville, SC. It is now a couple months old and going quite well. It has been a lot of fun getting it up and going. Some surprising things were that we have now been on TV twice. People have been sharing our events on Facebook and other social media. Things are growing and changing. I have learned a few things in these first few months.

  • The best business plan doesn’t really survive the first customer
  • When dealing with other people, there will be other opinions about how things should be done.
  • Having a partner in running something makes it 100% easier! (Robert was able to go on vacation and the scene went on without a hitch. I will be able to take time off in the future knowing that he can run things without me.)
  • One of the hardest parts is what I preach about here all the time. Getting over the initial fear and getting the idea started.

PS. If you are in the Greenville, SC area, drop by on Tuesday nights from 8:00-11:00. We are in the cabin down in McPherson Park at 100 East Park Ave, Greenville, South Carolina 29615.


When you are challenging the status quo. When you are trying to think outside the box. When you are trying something new…then Monday isn’t something to dread, it is something to look forward to.

Do you dread Monday morning or can you not wait to get going? I hope you are doing something new and creative that helps you leap out of bed with drive to make this week something remarkable!


Friday afternoons are a great time to write out your goals for next week. Then you can go and enjoy the weekend knowing that Monday, you have a list to attack!

My list:

Buy Mixer for DJ Battle for Greenville Swing.

Paint trim boards

Install trim boards

Gut back porch

Install electricity to back porch

Install plumbing for washer on back porch

(I know that my list is a bit construction oriented right now.)

What is on your list?


As I sit in Starbucks this afternoon, there is a young lady talking with a personal trainer. They are very specific in their training goals. Part of the discussion is the qualifying time for the Olympic trials to make the U.S. team. The coach is reminding her that she was a few seconds off that time this year. It is all about perspective.

To this young lady, there are a handful of people in the world who are faster than her out of the billions of humans out there. Those billions don’t matter. It is only the short list of people who are faster than her right now. Those people are her competition.

In any field, it is our goal to be the best. Once you reach the point where you are truly one of the best in your field, you will most likely know by name the people who are ahead of you in the competition. Maybe there is one hacker out there better than you. There might be one author who has sold more books in your genre. Whatever it is, there is almost always someone better….and if you are THE BEST…like the Olympic Games winner, you are only the best right now. Tomorrow is another day and another story and another chance for someone else to take the #1 spot.

Take time thought to turn around and see that you are better in your field than billions of others. Don’t rest on that, but take a deep breath and remember how far you have come.


Your ability to win has a lot to do with your own drive and work ethic. In high school and college, I ran track. One of the great lessons learned from a foot race is that all the trash talking in the wold aren’t going to make a difference in the race. At the end of the day, the first person to cross the line is the winner. No one can argue that there was racial bias or that someone’s upbringing put them at a disadvantage. All that other stuff doesn’t matter. There is one winner and it is the person who crosses that finish line first.

You might not be running track, but in your market there is a winner. Then everyone else is trying to catch up. What are ways to help you come out on top. There are a few.

1. Create your niche. Make it small enough so that you can be the #1 person in that niche, but large enough to be a challenge.

2. Remember to constantly be training. Just like a runner must train long before the race, you must train to get better in your field. No matter how good you are, you can get better.

  • Go to conferences
  • Read a book on your field
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Take a course

3. Try new things. What got you to where you are now isn’t what will push you ahead in the future. Take a leap and use part of your energy/assets to create something brand new.

4. Check out your competition. Don’t make the mistake of trying to be just like the current “#1″ though. Do learn from what they are doing though.

I hope you are striving to be #1 in your niche. Go make it happen!

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