I am in the middle of planning my wedding. There are many things to get done, but the important thing to remember is that it isn’t just about one day and the party. It is about the marriage for a lifetime. Each day, each new day, we have to fall back in love with each other all over again.

In careers, like in many marriages, people fall out love with their passions. It is important to push through the dip, that time when you just don’t feel like loving anymore. On the other side of the tough time is a deeper love and passion for what you want to do with your life and you will be stronger for it!

Do you remember what made you smile? Those dreams of a better tomorrow? Do you remember when you woke up excited about the project you are now drudging through? What was it that made you love it then? Can you find it again?


Are you maintaining the status quo? Or are you pushing for something new? Leaders have to lead somewhere. If you are leading toward the average, then people don’t really need you to lead them. Try something new and even if you fail that is better than not trying anything at all! What are you doing to challenge the average?


We all have assets. One of the most valuable in today’s connection economy is the asset of our time/attention. When we give someone our time and our attention, that is time that we have the choice to be spending in millions of other ways. This is one of the reasons that I am so very thankful that you are taking the time to read this blog. You are giving me the most valuable thing you have. Your time and attention.

Marketers have shouted for our attention for decades now. The problem is that people grow numb to the shouts. They shout louder, people get more numb. It is like the idea of the billboard. If there is only one, the driver is likely to read it as it breaks the monotony of the landscape that has been rolling by for miles. When there are billboards stacked upon billboards and that is the landscape, suddenly no one reads any of them.

So how do you reach people in today’s new landscape of shouting out about your product/service not working anymore like it used to? You make real connections. You do the little things each day to show your clients that you see them as real people. Maybe you fire some of your clients so that you can really concentrate on a fewer number and show them that you value them. Every interaction is a chance to make a new connection or turn a client into a former client. How will you treat your next interaction?


The title might be a little misleading. I am not talking about a drug or alcohol addiction here. While those can be bad for you, that is something that most sane people realize. No one wakes up one morning healthy and of sound mind and says to themselves, “I’m going to become a raging alcoholic drug addict and end up laying face down in my own vomit in an alley tonight.”

I am discussing addictions that are a little less culturally reprehensible. Do you have an addiction to the internet? A video game? Social media? Television?

While there is nothing wrong with any of those things in moderation, are they keeping you from your goals? Are they taking the place of real interactions with real people? If so, then it is important to get take that first step by admitting that you have an addiction.

In 2008, I gave up TV cold turkey. It is amazing how much more time I had once I quit watching TV. Is there something that is stealing your time and attention? Will you get rid of it?

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am writing this to myself. I recently made the mistake of downloading a game to my phone…and have noticed that I play it way too much.


We all have dreams. Some to be an astronaut, some want to be a rock star, maybe you want to be a world class soccer player. Some might say that we all chase a dream, but I have notice that wouldn’t be true. Some do chase a dream. Each day they put in the work to make that dream come true. The runner puts in the miles many months out before the marathon. The soccer player trains his body and skills long before the championship game. The rock star took guitar lessons for years before hitting the stage for the first time. There is nothing worth doing that comes easily. The couch potato that dreams of being a great champion/leader/icon, is just a dreamer. In order to catch your dream, you have to get to work and do the little things each day to make it happen. It is fine to take a break, but that break can quickly become a lifestyle.

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