What are you doing today that will move your toward your goals for the future?

That quote is one that has made me really think in life. It is so easy to fall into a rut, but what is ONE THING, just one little thing that I can do today. Something extra that will make tomorrow a bit better.

In just about any field, we can do something today that will help us in the future. Maybe you are in a dead end job and without finishing your GED, you will never get beyond it. You might not be able to take the exam right now and pass it, but you could check out a book in the library on passing the GED. You could sign up to take an adult education class that will help you pass it.

Maybe you need a new skill. It might be a tough one that you need to go back to college for, or it could be that spending an hour watching “how to” videos on youtube would be enough to get you started.

I am sure  you can think of one thing that you can do that will help you move forward in your goals. Do it! Then celebrate that you have moved forward!  You might not be “there” yet, but you are on the way! Great job!

What is the one thing you can do?

Here is an example in my own life. As you who read regularly know, I have been working on “the Crackhouse“. Yesterday, I cut trim boards for a new bathroom I had put in. That is it. All I did on that day was cut the boards to the proper length. It wasn’t much. Took me about 1/2 an hour. But it was taking me a step closer to that room being 100% complete! (Tonight, I am hoping to paint them.)

When we take one little step toward our goal, we make progress little by little until one day we look around and realize that we have made it! Enjoy the journey and take one step today!


The institution where I work recently went to a new printing system. Without boring you with details, it is a bit more red tape in order to do things like print tests and quizzes.

One thing that I was hesitant to do was try to teach Spanish online. I know others have done it with some levels of success, but the idea scares me to death!

So, I bit the bullet and decided to try a hybrid format. Once I got started, I realized that it would save me a lot of class time by putting the quizzes and tests online. This semester should be a fun one!

What can you do in your life that may seem scary to embrace, but in the end will likely pay off? It may be hard to make the change, but embracing that change just might pay off in great dividends!



In most industries, there are due dates. There is that day when the product you have been working on has to be shipped out the door. You hope it is perfect, but even if it isn’t you have to send it to the purchaser.

In my industry, that day is upon me! As a college instructor, we plan, we write, we prepare, but then the day of truth is upon us when the students show up on campus. It is time to walk into that classroom and make things happen!

Over the next 16 weeks, it is my job to help a bunch of students move forward in their language learning. They probably won’t be completely bi-lingual in that time, but they should be more conversant then they are at the moment.

What can you do in your industry over the next 16 weeks? 5 year plans are great, but what are you shipping out tomorrow? next week? next month? What are you going to accomplish this quarter? Set the goals big!



I have blogged many times about how failure or falling on your face isn’t the end of the world, it is what you do with that failure and whether you get back up that shapes your future.

I fell flat!

You notice that after a long time of blogging every day, I slacked off and you might (or maybe not) have missed me during my hiatus.

The good news is, I am practicing what I preach. Getting back up. In the time “off” I have bcrackhouse oneeen doing a bit in my personal life that is moving things forward.

The “Crackhouse” has taken a lot of time, but it is paying off. Each day, the $12, 500 house is looking more and more like a home. Here is a “before pic” I had actually already cleaned up a bit before taking this photo, but it gives you an idea of the condition the entire house was in.

Each day as I work on it, it brings me closer and closer to a goal of having a nice place to live.

It is sort of a metaphor for life. When we see the crumbled life around us it can be tempting to just want to give up. Like the decrepit house, many might want to write it off as a loss, but if we can just pick one thing to do to make it a little better, day after day, the results pile up and one day we turn around and exclaim, “Life ain’t so bad!”

While it is harIMG_20150105_121035d to get a good angle on the bathroom I have been working on the last month, I think you can see that progress is being made…Life aint so bad!

IMG_20150103_155117It has come a long way from a house full of trash, a caving in roof and a bathroom so scary that homeless people wouldn’t want to use it.

Your life may seem hopeless, but like this old house, you can get better…just one day at a time, one little bit at a time.




In my last post, I mentioned buying a house for $12,500. It has been a few months and it becomes more and more a home each day.
When I first started, it lacked running water, electricity, a complete roof and solid walls. It now has those things. When I have a computer, instead of just my phone, I shall have to post pictures.
In other news, I am now engaged to a wonderful woman named Emma. I am sure you will hear more about her as time goes on.

2015 is starting well for me. I hope it is going great for you as well.

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