The university I work for is announcing a new President today. Unlike many things here at the university, this one has been a best kept secret. Nobody seems to know anything about the incoming president.

This has been good in that rumors aren’t flying around. No one knows the guy/gal, and thus there are no preconceived notions about how he or she will lead the school into the future.

At my church we are also in the middle of an “interim period”. Our senior pastor left this last summer and the leadership team is working to find the right fit for a new senior pastor while the interim pastor is doing an incredible job keeping things running smoothly. I pray that they use wisdom and that the right person is found for the job.

When there is a major change in leadership, one thing that should be given some serious attention is who should know and when. For example, if there is a new CEO, do you want the Barista finding out from the press conference that aired live before the board announces it to the area managers and store managers? (My guess is that would be the wrong way to handle it.) Letting those who need to know get that information first is important so that they don’t get caught flat footed by questions that they have no answers for. Questions that they should be able to answer.

Have you experienced a change in leadership lately? Did the organization handle it well or badly?


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