On Monday, I posted a link to Seth Godin’s new project, The Icarus Deception. He put a page on Kickstarter.com which is a site to help people raise money for projects that range from artwork to publishing books to just about anything. Some are successful, some are not. This project proved the idea of the need for any artist/writer to have a platform. Seth put out the notice of his project on his blog. Within 3 hours, he had already met the publisher’s goal of $40,000 raised. At this writing, most of the pledge levels are sold out, though you can still get in at the lowest and some of the higher levels with the total funds raised are at over $187,000.  This basically represents pre-sold copies of his latest book. It takes guts to put your name out there like that. It might have flopped. But what Seth had going for him is that he has taken the time to build a tribe. This isn’t a case of overnight sensation. He has been building a following on his blog since 2002 when many people were still debating if the internet would be a fad or something worth investing in. Take the time to build your platform and after you have put the time and energy into giving of yourself for 20 years, maybe you too can have a great book pre-release sale!


4 Responses to Icarus Deception update

  1. Hiten says:

    Hi Burl,

    Seth Godin is one of my favourite people to refer to when it comes to online business.

    He certainly is a risk taker and that is what being an entrepreneur is about. Ad you say though, he has very strong tribe behind him.

    On a similar token, we too can build tribes and Seth is a great teacher in doing this.

  2. Burl says:

    Hiten, you are so right there. We each do build tribes in life. Sometimes intentionally, and other times less so. Keep up the great work yourself building your tribe!

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    • Burlw says:

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