Thanks for your interest in buying a copy of I Choose YOU! Before you do, here are some things others have had to say about it!

“Burl Walker is an awesome storyteller. In his book, “I Choose You”, he has crafted a powerful message to anyone, of any age, from either side of the tracks – showing them exactly why it’s incredibly important for them to choose themselves. The message is empowering, liberating, and inspiring. I am extremely proud to have connected with such a wonderful spirit of a person, and I know that he will touch many lives through this book. Take in what Burl has to offer here, and you too will begin to choose yourself. “

~ Deeone Higgs – Blogger and Author of Release Vol.1 – The Power of Celebrating the Smallest Victories.

My intention was to sit down and read just a few pages of ‘I Choose You’ before going back to work. But as they say, ‘The best laid plans…’ Once started, I could not stop reading until I had finished the book. My only regret is that ‘I Choose You’ wasn’t available 40 years ago!
Burl’s writing is simple and straightforward, yet profound and in depth. I am certain I will be remembering lines and contemplating quotes for many days to come. This is a book I will re-read often, with new insight gained at each reading.
‘I Choose You’ should be required reading in every high school and college in the country.

~Dr. Joseph Ransom – Author of many plays and books including I’m Not Really Blind I Just Can’t See.

I am offering it in this e-book edition to the readers of for $4.00! I know you will enjoy this book! The cost of the paper copy will be much higher, but I wanted to offer it to my readers first in a very affordable medium, thus the e-book. If you like, you will love this book! If you as the readers buy enough copies of the e-book, then my publisher and I will go ahead with the hardback and/or paperback versions. So, now, I as the author am finished and I put the success of this book in the hands of my awesome readers! As the title of the book says, I Choose YOU!  You will make the difference! Thanks!

Click here to read an excerpt from the book that I put into a blog post a while back.

I Choose YOU!

Kindle Users: Click HERE to take you to the page.  (It is the same price either way.)

Non-Kindle users – For the PDF version, (Which is much more fun in my opinion!), read the next paragraph and then click on “Buy Now”

**Once you have paid in Paypal, click on the link that says “Return to” and it will take you to the book download. Not sure why I don’t have the option to change that line of text to read Download Book Here or something more reasonable.**


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  1. [...] ideas. Since I love writing, you might ask why I sell the books when almost everything in the book I Choose YOU! can be found on this blog and my other one, Wild About The Church (Kindle Version Here)can be found [...]

  2. [...] One thing I have told my students each semester is the secret of how to retire young. Here it is: “Find what you would do whether you were paid or not. Find a way to make that pay and you will never have to work another day in your life!” It sounds so simple, but that second part is the rub. Finding someone to pay you to do what you love isn’t always easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!  When you think of the happiest and most successful people, they have passion for what they are doing with their lives. They may or may not have a lot of money, but they have true fulfillment in doing what satisfies their soul.  Their life is full of purpose! So, start living your life with passion on purpose and you may find that you not only are very fulfilled in what you do, but that you are extremely successful too! You can choose yourself! You can decide what you will do with your future! (Excerpt from the book I Choose YOU!) [...]

  3. [...] Choose yourself! It is better than an interview, but be prepared! Working for you is hard work! Some days you might be tempted to exclaim, “My boss is a slave driver!” as you look in the mirror. (Excerpt from I Choose YOU!) [...]

  4. [...] When you choose to make a go of it and put it all on the line to make your dream come true, it will be hard work and you may need to work with others to make it come true, but in the end, it will be worth all the sweat and tears when you see the reality that was once just an idea you had! Choose to make a go of it! (Excerpt from e-book I Choose YOU!) [...]

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