My wife recently acquired a cat as an addition to our animal family. She had never had a cat before, and I only remember having had one around the place while I was growing up, so cats are a bit of a new experience. She did pick a good one in that it is “half dog”. It comes when called and likes people. It seems those aren’t normal cat traits. One thing I have learned is that you cannot herd a cat. You can lead it though….on one condition! That very important condition is that it wants to follow you!  It has to want what you have. That may be as simple as rubbing its head or giving it a treat, but the cat must have in its mind that it wants to follow you rather than run off and do something else. As leaders, we can remember that people have their own thoughts too! They, like cats, don’t like to be prodded along. IF they have the right motivation though, they will follow you to the ends of the earth and beyond!

As a leader, you must lead. You must have a vision worth following if you are going to get people to follow you. You must also keep that vision in front of the people as, much like the cat, they will quickly forget you and your vision if you don’t remind them.


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