This week at the university where I teach, we had “mission week”. No, we didn’t build grass huts and pretend to be in Africa. The administration, faculty, staff and others came to the school and worked. We cleaned, painted, did construction, put down sod, installed brick walkways, moved things… It was a great week getting to know people in a whole new way. I wasn’t teaching Spanish or even working with other language professors. The common goal was to get the campus ready for the fall semester. It was one last big push to finish up all the summer construction that has been going on. The campus is looking great, and many new friendships were made in the process.

You may not work at a university, but if you can shake things up a bit to help the people you do work with do something together that moves all of you toward a common goal while building relationships, it could be a great thing for your organization! Have fun! Work hard! Make a friend!


2 Responses to Have Fun! Work Hard! Make A Friend!

  1. Doug says:

    What a stroke of genius by the school, Burl. All that free labor!

    • Burlw says:

      Yes it is Doug! A lot gets done during that week! The cool thing about it is that the leadership has so well articulated the vision of the school that people are glad to give that labor!

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