Today is my mother’s birthday! In honor of her, I want to share a few life lessons I learned from the best mother on the planet!

  • Forgive and move on. Being a typical son, I have said some things to my mother that I shouldn’t have. Fortunately for me, she forgave me and continues to love me. In life, it is important to forgive others as holding a grudge only makes your life more miserable.
  • Look out for others. Moms seem to have something in their DNA that makes them look out for others. Not just their husbands and kids, but for people who need a little help in life. My mom took in many people over the years who stayed with us while they were getting back on their feet.
  • If you don’t work, you don’t eat. While she cared deeply for those who couldn’t take care of themselves, she didn’t condone laziness…especially not in her children.
  • Somewhat related to the last one…Eat what is put in front of you. She killed the picky eater gene in me in one lesson. At a young age, she served me something for breakfast that I didn’t like. A standoff ensued. I was told that I couldn’t get up from the table until I had eaten it. I waited a few hours and she let me up…I thought I had won! Then, at lunch, she made something fresh and new for herself, my father and brother…but I was served the same plate from breakfast reheated. Eventually, as the afternoon wore on, I gave in, asked for some catchup and choked it down. Now, I eat what is served to me. (Thanks Mom! I know that couldn’t have been easy for you.)
  • You don’t need very much. My father always provided for our family, but there were times when he didn’t have a great job. For a few years, we lived in what in retrospect were rather poor conditions. I never remember my mother complaining about it. She kept a smile on her face and often said, being poor is no excuse for bad manners.

Happy Birthday Mom! And to the rest of you reading this, I hope you were able to learn something from my mom today too!


2 Responses to Happy Birthday Mom!!!

  1. Deone Higgs says:

    Happy Birthday to your mom, Burl. I hope you have something special planned for her. 🙂 Great lessons here, as well. Many of them I have learned from mine as well. Although, I’m sure your mother didn’t use the same colorful terms as mine to get her point across. 😀

    Also, thanks for sharing the link to my new eBook, bud. I really appreciate your encouragement and support. There’s another lesson she taught you; how to be a great friend. 🙂

  2. Burlw says:

    Thanks Deone! She is having a wonderful birthday! As she is in Missouri, and I am in South Carolina, all I did was call her, but she is having a day with my dad and my brother’s family. (She was at the lake when I called.) No problem on the e-book share. Just doing what I can to encourage people to buy a great read!

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