Over the last three weeks, I was on vacation in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. It was a great trip with some wonderful friends! (See picture) I was completely out of the inspiration to write in the entrepreneurial vein, though I did have some great business ideas for Copan. What I did write one day in a coffee shop was the following fictional story. Since I have no plans to publish a book of short stories, I decided to let you as my readers enjoy it.

The Girl From Guamaya

By Burl Walker

I had just seen the most beautiful girl standing on the right side of the steep steps leading up toward the center of Guamaya. Her hair in the light of the street lamp hung down beautifully over her right shoulder in flowing cascades of brown with what appeared to be sun bleached highlights of blonde.  She turned and caught my eye and in a moment of embarrassment I looked away, but something inside of me forced me to look back. She was smiling. My world melted away for a moment and I realized that she was not only beautiful, but that I very well might have found that perfect one.

“Be a man!”, I said to myself. Scared that she would turn me down I said, “Excuse me, would you grab a cup of coffee with me?” Thinking to myself, “grab a cup…what was that? Couldn’t I have come up with a classier way to ask? She probably doesn’t even speak English…” She interrupted my thoughts with one word that surprised me all the way to my shoes! She said, “Yes”! That simple three letter word was followed up by another two words, “Thank you.”

Knowing a great little café in the center of Guamaya, I took her out for the first time. I will never forget that she ordered a cold granita with chocolate. The whipped cream put a white dot on her nose with the first sip. I found out that her name was Amála and that while she was a native Honduran, she had studied English literature at Southwest Baptist University in Missouri and now taught at the Mayatan Bilingual School just outside of Guamaya. She found my name, “Deshon”, almost unpronounceable and so kept calling me “Juan”. Instead of being annoyed, I was enchanted by the way “Juan” slipped lightly through her gorgeous lips.

Before parting, she gave me her phone number. Knowing that I didn’t want to let her be the one that got away, the next morning I went searching for something, anything that would give me an excuse to call her up and ask her out on a real date. The owner of the hotel where I was staying let me know that there would be a great street performer show on the town square on Friday night. They would be doing things like juggling fire, playing music, dancing and other acts. Not wanting to chicken out, I picked up the phone and called her number.

–          “Digame”  was the sound I heard as someone  answered.

Oh, no. I thought, I have to ask if Amála is there in Spanish!

–          “¿Está allí Amála? I said in halting Spanish.

–          “Sí, un momento por favor” came the response and then silence. I almost hung up the phone when I heard:

–          “Hello?”

–          “Hey, its me, Deshon.”

–          “Oh, Deshon!” She said with a smile in her voice. “Mom said someone who didn’t speak Spanish very well was on the phone.”

–          “Amála, would you like to go to the square with me tomorrow night to watch the street performers and then maybe get an ice-cream from the heladería? “

–          “I would love to!” Her answer once again gave me such a surprise. I didn’t expect it to be this easy to get the most beautiful girl in the world to go out with me.

The next night, as we had arranged, I met her at the square, while I had offered to come get her in a Taxi, she had said that would be silly as the town was only about eight blocks wide.  While I was supposed to be watching the fire breathers and other spectacular events going on in the park, the truth was I barely know what they did as I was captivated by her smile. Each word she spoke to me seemed like heaven wrapped up in a breath. After what seemed like a few minutes I looked at my watch and realized we had been sitting in the square talking and watching the show for almost 3 hours! I reminded her of my offer of ice-cream, which I have since found to be kryptonite for most women.

Walking to the ice-cream shop, I let her know that I had had the time of my life with her. She let me know that she too really enjoyed our conversation. As we sat talking more and eating some of the best ice-cream I have ever had I realized that I wanted to marry this girl. She was perfect in every way. As the night grew late we decided that we would have to call it a night. I asked if I could walk her home, but she said she wasn’t ready for me to see where she lived and that she would be fine walking alone.

As she walked out the door on that perfect evening, I heard the screech of tires and brakes. By the time I got to the door of the café, it was too late, the old Toyota was racing away and her perfect figure was forevermore un-beautified. She cried softly for a few moments. I held her in my arms as she slipped away into her eternal rest.  I knew I would forever remember that glorious week in 2012…




2 Responses to Guamaya Girl

  1. Deeone Higgs says:

    Great to have you back, Burl! Loved the image… thanks for sharing it with us. I’m sure you had an amazing time.

    I also, think you may want to consider that short story book… that was pretty awesome, bud! The more I read it, the more it lead me to wonder if it were a true story. Whether it was or not, the fact that you caused the reader to wonder that is truly a gift. 🙂

    Great job, buddy! 🙂

  2. Burl says:

    It was a pure work of fiction started by a picture I saw of a friend of mine on facebook. The names and places are real friends and places…but the interaction is pure fiction. Glad you enjoyed it Deeone!

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