I don’t know who the first person to look at a round rock and think, “Hmm, if i put a whole in the middle of that and add a couple sticks to it, it could help me roll heavy stuff around.” But the Wheel is one of the great early inventions.

Alexander Fleming is credited with being the father of antibiotics. He “invented” penicillin. He wasn’t the first researcher to notice that the penicillium mold  prevented bacteria from growing. He made the leap in thinking to see if it would help kill bacteria in humans and in the process invented penicillin!

Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile. He observed like many people that the more often someone does a task, the better they get at it. Then he devised a way for that to happen in his factory and the assembly line and mass production were born!

James Watt, who is credited with starting the industrial revolution. His contribution was that he noticed steam coming from his tea pot. Haven’t most people? He however took that knowledge and re-worked the idea of a steam powered engine using a separate condenser. This new idea of an engine with horsepower was able to change the factory!

Each of these men have something in common. They saw something that many people before them had seen, but instead of just looking at it and saying, “Yes, that is the way it is.” They took that knowledge that was considered “normal” and put it to work in a whole new way! Take a look around you. If you practice looking at the world through this new lens instead of just seeing things as being the way they have always been, you may be the next great inventor or world changer!


2 Responses to Do You Have The Startstuff Mentality?

  1. It’s all about taking our observation and transforming that knowledge into something new. The limits of creativity and the human mind are virtually endless, because there is always a new and different way to look at something.

    Thanks for the insightful post. Makes me feel more open to new possibilities.

    • Burlw says:

      Thanks for the comment Steven! You are so right about the limits of our creativity being endless!

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