I will confess that I am a better follower than leader. I don’t see this as a bad thing. It is easy for me to pick up on someone else’s dream that I believe in and help make it a reality. Sometimes, I am in charge, but often I am not. Last week, I had the chance to go back to Missouri and visit Stained Glass Theatre.  When I first started acting and helping out with SGT, it was performing plays quite successfully in the old Methodist Church on Benton Avenue in Springfield, MO. In those years, we played to packed out houses and for many, we had arrived! The man who started the theatre, Ron Boutwell, had bigger dreams. He talked to a group of us and inspired us to see if there was a bigger building that could be made into a theatre. What we found was a flea market that was going out of business. Myself, along with a group of actors and stage hands gutted the flea market and started over building what is now a beautiful theatre, much bigger than the Benton Ave. Church building!  About 10 years ago now, I had the privilege of acting the lead role in the very first production there in Ozark in the new building. When I went back last week, there were many people there who had never even been to a play at the Benton Ave. Theatre. They are carrying on the dream! Go start stuff…or even help someone else start stuff that will be there long after you are gone.


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