Can you laugh at yourself? Can you fail? I hope so! If you haven’t failed, you haven’t truly done anything! Years ago, I was a speedskater. You didn’t see me in the Olympics or anything, but I had a lot of fun and won a good number of races. Along the way, I fell…A LOT! There were weeks when I fell hard at least once a practice. Days like that I wanted to hang up my skates and do something less painful! (If you have ever gotten slung across a floor at 30 miles per hour or slid across ice into a wall at full speed, you will know what I am talking about.) I didn’t quit though. I kept practicing, and when those meets came along and I won, it wasn’t because I was born with a huge pile of natural talent. It was because I got back up each time I fell.

In our lives, just as in skating, we fall. Sometimes we fall really hard. Sometimes we get pushed a little as we are going down. The only way to succeed is to get back on your feet and keep working at it! When your dreams come true, you will know that no one gave you that success. You earned it. (That isn’t to say that you did it alone. We all need help from time to time and we need to learn to help others along the way.) If you are down on the ground right now, I pray that you will take a hard look at your situation and get back up and start in again working toward your goals!


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