“If you don’t do scary things, you’re dead. You might as well get your tombstone.” ~ Stefan Rudnicki

Stefan’s words are so true! I am not discussing jumping out of a plane with no parachute, but if you aren’t taking any risks, you aren’t doing anything worth doing. Not all risks are Evel Knieval rated risks. Though for an example of a man who wasn’t afraid to get back up after failure, he is a spectacular example.tombstone

Years ago, I was a speed skater. Not world class, but a decent amateur. I won plenty of races, but at age 27, I retired from the sport. The reason I left wasn’t that I had a career ending injury or even that my body was getting too old to compete. It was between the ears. I realized that I wouldn’t take the risk to dive under another skater on that last turn on the last lap in order to get the win anymore. It wasn’t a tombstone in a literal sense, but it was the end of that part of my life. When you won’t take the risk, you may as well hang up the dream and quit…at least on that particular dream.

Putting yourself out there is a risk. Asking that cute girl out is a risk. Sending your book proposal to that publisher is a risk. Starting to train for a 10k race is a risk. Anything worth doing is a risk.

If you aren’t willing to take a risk and do scary things just remember Stefan’s words,” you might as well get your tombstone.”



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