When I was in high school, there were a group of 5 singers that caused many a girls heart to flutter. They caused a mall to have to shut down because of all the screaming teenagers that showed up when they were sited in a Gap store. I dare say that other than the two Walburg boys, the other three could walk into just about any restaurant, bar or mall in the country and probably no one would be screaming their name or asking for autographs. If you are too young to have caught on to who I am referring to, I am referencing the New Kids On The Block. They had a huge following! Those guys couldn’t go out in public without being mobbed, but other than as a joke, I haven’t seen anyone wearing New Kids on the Block t-shirts, hats or other apparel. They didn’t keep their tribe. On the other hand, Barry Manilow was always the butt of many jokes, but he can still draw a crowd even though he is nearing 70! He has a tribe that has stuck by him for years! It takes constant work to keep a tribe. You must be actively engaged with the people who are in your tribe if you plan to lead it into the future. Just having one hit idea may make you famous, but unless you continue to work to build your tribe, you could end up without one. Don’t give in to the temptation to put everything on cruise and relax once you have built your tribe. Keep up the excellence that they have become accustomed to. It is too easy in today’s world for people’s attention to be taken away to work on something else. To all of you reading, thanks for your interaction with startstuff.net! It is greatly appreciated! And if you happen to see me in a restaurant, mall, or other location, no need to scream my name, just come up and introduce yourself, I would be happy to meet you.


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