Are you really ready to fail! If you are going to start stuff you need to be perfectly willing for whatever you start to fall flat on its face in total and utter failure! In school, we learn quickly that failure is bad. In life, the fear of failure is what keeps us from challenging the status quo and doing the work to make our dreams come true! Stepping out of our comfort zone is scary! If it weren’t everyone would do it. There would be leaders everywhere! As it is, true leadership is a valuable trait simply because it is rare. Great leaders, great entrepreneurs are able to face the fear of failure and say, “I am going to go for it anyway!”. They will share their crazy vision with others and find out if people will latch on and push them to greatness or laugh them into the ground. Like the old job hunt saying, “If you don’t apply for the job, you increase your chances of not getting hired to 100%”. In the same way, if you don’t do anything about making your dreams come true, you increase your chances that they won’t come true to 100% as well. Good luck! Don’t be afraid to fail! You just might succeed!


2 Responses to Are you ready to start failing???

  1. Deone Higgs says:

    What a encouraging message, Burl. Thank you for the sharpening, my friend. I absolutely agree with you, wholeheartedly. We have to be able to see our dreams, vividly and in color in our minds first, before any evidence of it shows up.

    It’s sort of like planting an apple seed and trusting apples will some day appear. Expectations before or immediately after planting would be very unwise on our part, and I expect disappointing, as well.

    Likewise, we shouldn’t carry faulty expectations of an harvest, without putting in any of the work necessary.

    I’m reminded of something that happened to cross my mind the other day, “The presence of a mistake or failure only means that an individual was doing something before the mistake or failure was made that delivered a more different result, than the one they were expecting.”

    If nothing else, we will learn much from our failures, if we allow them to teach us the lesson it has to render. We’ll know what we shouldn’t do, what we should do better, and what new adjustments we are in need of adding, on each attempt after that first failure is discovered.

    We’re just as likely to succeed, as we are to fail. I say that’s a chance we should be more than willing to take on ourselves, wouldn’t you agree.

  2. Burlw says:

    Your comments are always appreciated and enlightening Deone! I am trying as a teacher to figure out how to encourage my students to risk failure and even more importantly how to go for much more than just the “A” in the class. I love the apple seed analogy! I may have to use that some time! Glad you are “back”. Though I must admit, I am a bit jealous of your new home! It looks beautiful! Enjoy the quiet countryside to write in!

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