I watched a video by a Women’t Rights group. It presented a social experiment. Two actors, one portraying a 12 year old bride and the other portraying a senior citizen groom are on the street in New York City. The video shows the reactions of citizens of New York to the idea of a child bride.

In real life, a friend of a friend was married off this year. She was 14, her husband much, much older. It wasn’t in America where we have laws against such things. Sadly, she is from a culture where it is accepted as normal. Girls in her situation don’t have a great future. She will be used as an object until her “husband” is tired of her. Since she is only 14, she doesn’t have much of a choice to run away. In her culture, she will simply be taken back to her husband. She can’t go to her parents, they are the ones who gave her to him.

What can you do? Check out the group Girls not Brides. They are leading the fight to help these girls. Also, be aware that it is not a phenomenon that only takes place in Africa. Here in the USA, girls are married off to older men in a few religious sects. At least here it is illegal, but often goes unreported. If you see this happening, don’t be afraid to speak up!



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