Did you click on this blog because you love what Startstuff.net puts out every day and can’t wait to see what’s next, or did the carefully crafted title so full of promise suck you in? To be completely honest, I should re-state the title as 10 things most people already know but don’t want to do in order to make their dreams come true…but would you really have clicked on that one?

  1. Write down your goals! Be specific! Don’t just have a vague idea.
  2. Have a clear concise plan of action. There will be changes along the way, but if you have a plan to vary from it is much better than not having a plan at all!
  3. Get started! You are probably tired of reading that on this blog, but the first thing you have to do to make anything happen is the first thing! Take that first step toward your goal.
  4. Persist through the rough times. In every venture, there will come a day when you want to throw in the towel. Don’t give up! Once you are on the other side of the dip, it will be worth the effort you put into it.
  5. Find people to be your mentors! We learn from our own mistakes, but it is less painful and less costly to learn from others!
  6. Read! Become as knowledgeable about your area of interest as possible! I have heard the quote that if you read the three best books written about any field, you know more than 90% of the population about that field. That gives you a strong platform on which to stand.
  7. Show up! It doesn’t matter what the goal is, if you don’t put in the consistent effort, you won’t achieve it. Even if your goal is to become the fattest slob in history, you are going to have to consistently plant your butt on the couch and eat thousands and thousands of calories  every day! Just one big meal won’t do it! Doing the small stuff every day as you work toward the goal will make it happen!
  8. Find people to lead! Start your own Tribe! Just as you need mentors, so do other people. As you teach and lead others, it requires you to become better at what you are doing. Example: you want to run a marathon. Organize a marathon training group with some coworkers or friends who also want to run one. Lead the training time and as you take responsibility for leading, you will find that you won’t skip training days but you will push through and be better than you thought possible!
  9. Find an accountability partner with the same or a similar goal. Just as you need people above you to help mentor you, and you need people following you, having someone along side you who can commiserate and celebrate with you along the way can really encourage both of you as you push toward the goal together.
  10. Underpromise and overdeliver! Keep your promises! It seems simple, but so many people don’t do it these days that it will set you apart. Go beyond that minimum promise consistently on each step toward that dream and it will come true even faster than you thought!

Bonus: Read startstuff.net ‘s blog for encouragement along the way!


4 Responses to 10 Best Secrets For Making Sure Your Dreams Come True!

  1. Deeone says:

    It appears we were on the same page this morning, Burl! Great minds do think alike, huh? 😀

    I loved the tips, and you were definitely accurate with each of them. I have been fascinated with myself here lately, because in my research of ways to make my dreams come true and/or go after my goals I’ve set for myself; I’ve realized that I have been doing pretty good as far as covering the steps it takes to achieve them.

    Consistency is everything! If we continue to do the same things day in and day out, we will Master whatever result our efforts deliver to us. Tony Robbins once said, “We never fail at anything we do. We get outcomes. If it’s not the outcome we wish to get, it’s still an outcome. To change the outcome; change the approach.”

    Great post! 😉

  2. Burl says:

    Great comments my friend! Love that quote at the end! Another way to say that is that we always get what we plan for. You may not know it, but you or your organization are perfectly suited for getting the results that you are getting. If we want different results…we need to change!

  3. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Burl,
    I know that my success rate for goals is much higher when I write them down instead of just keeping them inside of my head.

    When that feeling comes along where I want to quit I usually stop what I am doing and take some deep breaths to refocus myself and my goals.

    • Burlw says:

      Good luck achieving your goals Justin! Thanks for coming by again for a visit and taking some of your valuable time to make a comment! Don’t be a stranger!

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