Life is crazy right now. Crazy isn’t an all bad thing though. Sometimes having too many irons in the fire can be stressful, but at the same time it means that things will get done. What are you working on in your life that will bring you closer to your goals for the future?


Your core beliefs affect how you interact on a daily basis. They will be fundamental influences in the way you do business. This is one of the reasons why it is so crucial to really understand what you believe. Our beliefs don’t always fit into nice, clean, neat check boxes.






We want people to fit nicely into categories, but they often don’t. Each person is a unique individual with a unique set of beliefs and circumstances. Our first goal should be to understand our own beliefs, then we can begin to try to understand those of the people we deal with each day.

Understanding of our belief system helps us unearth what makes us tick. It helps us see why some things upset us that maybe don’t seem to upset most of society or conversely, we see no problem with things that society in general seems to be against. While understanding out belief doesn’t change that, it does give us a beginning framework or lens through which we can view the world a little more objectively.

Example: I come from a belief and culture based on Judeo/Christian values. My belief is that the Holy Bible is scripture given to us from God. I believe that Jesus was a real person who came to earth to become a sacrifice for sin. Through belief in Him, we have life with Him in heaven for eternity. You might wonder how that affects my daily life? When I see antisemitism it makes me angry. Now, let us give a hypothetical. Say I had been born into a Muslim community. I had been taught that the Jews are the root of all evil and should be driven from the earth. I believed that the Jewish state of Israel should be pushed into the sea. Then, would I still be upset when I hear an antisemitic account? No, I would likely cheer for the one who carried out said act. As it is, coming from my biblical belief system, I find any act of violence against an innocent party to be abhorrent. (Which brings a whole other argument to the table. What is innocent?)

Know what you believe and why so that you can answer those who might question your motives. Even if you disagree, they will likely respect your stand if you can articulate it well. (That doesn’t mean shouting them down.)


Today is my mother’s birthday! No, I am not going to tell you how old she is. I want to share with you some great ways that she has helped me in life other than giving birth to me. She instilled in me a love for languages and other cultures at a young age. (I am now a Spanish Instructor for a living.) She helped me develop leadership skills by giving me challenges to face in life at a young age that were within my ability to achieve. She helped me develop a solid work ethic by giving me chores to do as soon as I was old enough to walk. She helped me with life skills like learning to cook, clean, do laundry etc. She told me that I wouldn’t always live under my parent’s roof and would need to be able to do those things for myself. She taught me to drive. All in all, I have an awesome Mom! Thanks for everything Mom!



One of the struggles that the American public seems to have with our current crop of politicians on both sides of the isle is that they are afraid to lead. When decisions are based on opinion polls instead of what the politician knows is the right thing to do, then our country is in trouble.

Leaders do something that most are afraid to do. Simply put, they lead. They take a stand even when it is the unpopular thing to do. They move an organization (or country) forward with vision and inspiration for the future.

Will you lead? Or just follow the polls?


Recently, there has been a lot of conflict in the news. Gay marriage and the “Rebel Flag” conflicts are two that come to mind. One thing that I have noticed in these and many other conflicts is that when people encounter someone who holds the opposing viewpoint, there is a growing tendency to simply label the other side as stupid, ignorant, a fool, etc. The truth is that well meaning, intelligent people often have opposing views. When that view is held by a passing stranger, it isn’t such a big deal, but when that view is held by a business partner, coworker, family member or other person with whom you have regular contact, it is important to separate the viewpoint held from the person who holds that view. Learning to disagree without being disagreeable is an important skill. It is a skill very worth learning.

Will you take the time to get to know that person before trying to shout them down? Maybe she isn’t such a cold hearted wench just because she holds a different view from yours. Maybe he isn’t an ignorant backwoods redneck just because his idea differs from your’s. Not all people seem capable of being reasonable, but for those of us who live in society, it is a great thing to be friends with those who hold other ideals.

What could happen next? (The KKK and Black Panthers have a hug fest?)


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