If you could do yesterday over, what would you change?

Is there one thing you did yesterday that you regret? Or more importantly, one thing you didn’t do that you wish you would have done?

You have today! Fix it! Go do that thing that you didn’t do, or do your best to repair the damage from yesterday. Today is a new day. Start working on that change!

If you can do one thing better today than you did yesterday, then chances are, tomorrow will be even better than today!


“58% of the U.S. adult population never reads another book after high school.” ~ Dan Poynter

With that quote in mind, if you are writing a book, a blog, even a facebook post, it is unlikely that you will reach all of America with that idea. You can’t reach everyone! Gone are the days of M*A*S*H* where most of the population was tuned into one place. Our world is much more fragmented nowH2O-Magazine-Cover. If you are marketing an idea, the goal is to find the people who already care about that issue.

There isn’t a huge section of the population that passionately cares about Chimpanzees…but there is a section of the population. Thus this blog exists. These people really care. There is an outlet for just about anything! There are whole magazines about water! What? You don’t believe me? In give you the cover of H2O magazine! It is a real magazine. It has branched out a bit beyond just water now, but it reaches people who passionately care about H2O.

What is something that you really care about? Something that you really want to share with the world? Go for it! There is a segment of the population that is looking for what you have to offer! There are people out there who want to be connected with people just like you!

You don’t have to reach the whole world with your idea to be successful in sharing it. You just have to reach those who care!


There is a human tendency to want the best deal. I am sure that when Ug and Og were standing outside the cave bartering vegetables and berries for a rabbit that each one wanted to make out well on the deal. In present day, we use currency to exchange instead of bartering for much of our interactions, but that doesn’t change the human nature part at all. We all want a great deal.

HINT: The great deal isn’t always the cheapest.

A while back, I needed to get a new phone. Unfortunately, at that point in my life, my financial situation was at a low. So…I bought one of the least expensive phones on the market. It did the necessary…it made phone calls and could even text. Recently, as I am in a slightly better financial situation now, I bought a new phone. It isn’t the cheapest on the market. Not even close, but it is still a great deal. It also does the necessary of making calls and texting…but it goes much beyond that. (To be honest, it has so many features that I don’t understand yet that I shall resist the urge to try to impress you with the cool stuff it can do.) It involves a learning curve, but it wasn’t a phone where the company was on a race to the bottom to be the cheapest.

In any field, in any purchase, getting the cheapest thing on the market isn’t always the best bang for our buck. In my field of education, there is something to be said for getting a great education, even if you have to pay a little more for it. The school where the professor teaches a couple courses a semester can give you more individual time with those professors. If the same professor had to teach in another school where they teach 6-8 courses a semester and have 20+ students in each course would not be as effective. Going to the cheapest school might not give you the education you need.

As blogger and author Seth Godin often says, “The trouble with joining in the race to the bottom is that you might win.” Don’t go for the cheapest, go for the best you can afford. You will be happy you did!

PS. The most expensive product isn’t always the best one either.  Sadly, cost isn’t a good measure of quality…that is something we have to seek out.


On my desk, probably because I haven’t figured out what to do with it, there is a cassette/CD player. It doesn’t really serve a purpose. I can’t tell you the20150113_143943 last time I played a CD in it, much less a cassette tape. Now, imagine that I told you that I am forming a company that will make the very best quality cassette player in the world. Our company will surpass the very best technology for cassette players in all categories. You would probably laugh me out of the room, as I am sure the market for new cassette players is not a large one.

We can laugh at my cassette player, but are our skill sets like that of the cassette player? Are you wondering why your skills aren’t as in demand as they were 10 or 20 years ago? It is scary to realize that we are the cassette player. The good news is that as humans, we can evolve and become something new. We can learn new skills or update the skills we have.

Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that if you just keep doing what you have always done that you will be OK. You could end up out of work like my cassette player. OR you could seek out new skills and update yourself so that you are the latest and greatest asset to your field. The choice is your’s. What are you going to do?


Had a nice surprise this month! I re-read my own book I Choose YOU!. It has been a few years since I wrote it. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was inspired by it. The interesting thing was that it felt like I was reading someone else’s writing due to the lapse in time since having written it. I mentioned this event on facebook. Next thing I know, the book sales for it jumped! Now, for a book to go from somewhere beyond the one million mark in Amazon’s ranking, it doesn’t take many sales to make the rank jump up. I think the first sale made it jump to about the top 1/2 million books in the rankings. A couple more and it peaked out about the 75,000 mark. No where near the top 10 or anything, but it was still a nice thing to happen. If you have read it, will you take a moment to write a review on amazon.com for me? It would be greatly appreciated! To those who bought a copy, I hope you were inspired and that you will share it with others!

PS. If you haven’t read it, I Choose YOU! is only 99 cents this month (January 2015) on Amazon.com. Enjoy! I did!

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