In life, there are really only three things that we have at our disposal to trade for money.

  1. Thoughts
  2. Things
  3. Time

While there are other things, you can sell plasma/body parts I don’t recommend it as a long term wealth creator.

So how do you sell thoughts? 

Write, create videos, then either sell the product itself or advertisements through your product. (Like monetized youtube videos or ads on a blog)

Invent something really cool! Your idea could be worth selling.

What about things?

Buying and selling things is the basis for many companies. You can start your own company, try your hand at a franchise or licence someone else’s product to sell.

Your time can be sold many ways.

When you work for someone else, you trade money for your time.

You can freelance

You may be able to create things on your time to sell. Crafts, custom furniture…

Figure out which of these you have to spare…Thoughts, Things or Time and use them to propel your life to the next level.


Sorry, I don’t have any great secret to losing belly fat other than exercise and burn more calories than you consume. My only great knowledge of how to get rich is similar. Spend less than you bring in and invest the difference wisely. For finding the love of your life, going Swing Dancing worked for me, but there is no guarantee that it will work for you. (Though it might help you lose some of that belly fat.) And if you want to see who is Googling you, I am sure you can google that answer.

We all get sucked in by great promises. Those slick headlines that give us hope. In reality, we learn sooner or later that there really is no substitute for diligence, consistency and hard work. Lou Ferrigno is a very well built guy. He won a lot of body building competitions and played The Incredible Hulk on TV. He didn’t get all those muscles by swallowing a magic pill or trying someones “6 weeks to a better you” plan. He spent hours each day in a gym working out.

Seth Godin is not a bodybuilder. He is a skinny bald guy. Like Ferrigno was in the bodybuilding world, Godin is a giant competitor in the marketing world. He has a number of best selling books, a widely read blog and a speaking schedule that is as full as he wants it to be. He didn’t win the lottery. He puts out a blog post every day! He writes every day! This has lead to his books being published. He works at giving people great value for their money and helping others succeed in business along with him.

You aren’t Lou Ferrigno, nor are you Seth Godin. You are YOU. You still have talent in some area. No matter what that talent is though, it needs to be worked on in order to become that great and recognized talent. The myth of the “overnight sensation” is just that: a myth. The truth is that the “overnight sensation” spent a lot of nights honing her craft until she was ready for that breakout moment.

What is a talent you have that you can work at to become the very best?


Sometimes in any business, we hit a low point. Our book isn’t selling, no one is coming into our store, the event we planned didn’t have the turnout we hoped for…. There are dips in the road. The thing to figure out is if that dip is the death nail in the coffin of your business or just a tough time to push through. Look at the money. Can you make it another day, week, month, quarter? What can YOU do to make things better? Sometimes the answer is nothing. If you have honestly done everything you can possibly do to bring in new customers, delight current/previous customers and be the choice in your market for your product or service and there isn’t enough business then you are left with some hard choices.

It may be though that this is just a slump. You might be wise to stay the course. Sometimes on the other side of the dip is where things take off. One business of mine had a major competitor in our market. Just as things seemed to be going not so well for us, the other competitor pulled out leaving me the sole purveyor of our service for that market. Things took off! There might not have been enough business to support two, but there was plenty to support one. I could have pulled out a few weeks earlier and missed the great opportunity that opened up by pushing through the dip.

I hope you can keep slugging and things take off for you soon!


I guess I am an idea junkie. I love to read. At the moment, in addition to my Bible, there are four non-fiction books that I am reading through along with one fiction book. In my truck, I listen to audio books and courses on CD. Recently, I discovered the idea of taking courses through They are free online courses from some pretty great universities. (You can pay for a certificate if you want to keep track of the courses you have taken and passed.)

So what good is all the learning if we don’t put it to practice. Currently, I run a small marketing company that promotes swing dance scenes. This keeps my hand in the game so to speak while I keep my day job of teaching Spanish at North Greenville University.

So what are you learning and how is it helping you in life?

PS. Just in case you are curious. The books are Ctrl Alt Delete by Joel Mitch, Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin, Play at Work by Adam Pennenberg, and Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy.


When you work for other people, it is sort of like renting. You get paid, you may get some perks, vacation etc, but for the most part, those who work for others are at the mercy of those they work for. It is also very unlikely that you will become seriously wealthy working for other people.

In order to break out of the normal renter world and own your own life, you need to do the things that the average worker isn’t doing. Create something for yourself. Do something that you own 100%. (I am not against partnerships, but it is important to have ownership in your dream.) What if you committed yourself to paint something every night after dinner? Maybe you don’t want to be an artist. What if what you are painting is rooms in a house and getting paid for it? Can you write a little each day? Eventually, you will have a book or an article that can be sold. The point is that it is YOURS, not your employers. It may not make you a ton of money, but there is some great satisfaction in getting that royalty check for something that you created yourself. When you sell that painting…or paint job, it is that same feeling. There are thousands of niche things you can do. I am sure you can come up with many I haven’t thought of, but here are a few.

  • Baked goods…everyone loves them
  • Mow lawns, you a mower and a weed eater can get you started on your way to a profitable landscaping business.
  • House painting doesn’t take a lot of expensive tools to get started.
  • House cleaning. You may even be able to use all or mostly your client’s equipment and cleaning supplies.
  • Create a product that you can sell. (Start small. No reason to mortgage the house. Once you successfully sell your product a few times, you can see about expansion.)
  • Get a massage therapy licence and open a mobile massage business. A table and massage cream can be had for a few hundred dollars after you finish your certification courses. You offer to meet clients at their home, which saves you rent on an office. Once you have a solid base of clients, you can either change your model slightly and also have an office or keep doing it mobile if you want.

You don’t have to quit your day job. These are all things you can do on your own time…at least until it pays more than your job. Are you ready to begin owning your own life?


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